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Hi again Matt,

Apologies you had to chase us regarding a reply to the other part of your enquiry. The attached is the reply I received from the Quality Technologist at Distell (the producers of Amarula) in South Africa.

I hope that this answers your enquiry and again sorry for the delay in coming back to you.

Kind regards.


Hi Julie

With regards to the enquiry, Amarula is indeed suitable for vegetarians.

There is no process aid used in any of the raw materials that originates from animals.

Amarula is however not suitable for vegans.

Kind regards
Karin La Grange-Nel
Quality Technologist


Hi Matt,

Many thanks for your enquiry regarding Amarula Cream. From the information I have available from the producers, Amarula Cream is declared suitable for vegetarians.

Regarding your specific question about clarification of the base spirit - I don't know the answer, however I will write to the producers in South Africa and ask if they will advise. Not a question I've been asked before and I've been working on the brand for nearly 10 years so it's always good to add to our "information bank".

I will get back in touch with you when I have further information from them.

In the meantime, thank you for your enquiry regarding Amarula Cream.

Kind regards.

Julie Herring
Marketing Executive - Amarula Cream
First Drinks Brands Ltd