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01 June 2007 09:58


Dear Sir/Madam


Thank you for your email.


Unfortunately our wines can not be classified as being suitable for vegetarians or vegans.


Best wishes


Kelly Walsh

Banqueting and Events Co-ordinator









JUL 2010


Email from site user Richard with similar reply:-


Thank you for your enquiry. In answer to your question, it is not a
matter of taking the time to label the wine as suitable for vegetarian
or vegan. Rather it is a matter of winemakers making the decision about
the best treatment for the particular wine and the particular vintage.

It is true that for some time, our wines have been fined using either
albumin (egg white) or bentonite. Our winemakers make decisions about
which processes are best for each wine/vintage being made.

If anyone is concerned about suitability for their preferences, they are
always welcome to check with us - we will be very happy to establish for
them which fining process was applied.

Denbies Wine Estate








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