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Good Afternoon Matt


Thank you very much for your enquiry. Occasionally our supplier of the base used to make the Red Russian products uses isinglass (derived from Sturgeon collagen) to fine / clear the bases after the fermentation process, this can be dependant on how quickly they need to make the base.


We are very sorry, but currently we cannot guarantee that all the base that is supplied to us has not had isinglass used to fine it. However, the isinglass is all filtered out of the base because it is only used as a processing aid. Apart from this no other animal, fish or dairy products are used in Red Russian.


I had a look at your website by the way and although I’m not a vegetarian myself I will recommend it to others as it seems to be a very useful resource.


Kind regards





Maxine Belfield

Technical Manager

Intercontinental Brands (ICB) Ltd

Murdock Road