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Sainsbury's Beers

Sainsbury's beers vegetarian and vegan list

Lager Bitter

Update 11/06/2007. Sainsbury's no longer have a list of beers that are suitable, as someone deleted from their system? Not very reassuring. However their Organic and Taste The Difference Ranges are labelled if suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Therefore the information below (from about 8 months ago) should not be used. However we'll keep on at them !!

Vegetarian Vegan
Belgian Super Strength Lager
Bierer des Flandres
Bierer des Moulins des Flandres
Czech Pils
Diat Pils
German Low Alcohol Lager
Premium German Pilsner Lager
Low Alcohol Lager
Premiere Gold Lager
Sainsbury's Spanish Cerveza Lager
Super Strength Lager
Taste the Difference Kolsch Style Lager
Sainsbury's Franconian Dk Lager
Viennese Style Amber Lager
Sainsbury's West Country Cider, Organic 660ml

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Vegetarian Vegan
Premium Ale
Bavarian Style Wheatbeer

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Disclaimer. Makers may change their methods from year to year, information is believed correct as at 10/10/06. There is no guarantee that anything listed on this site is suitable for vegetarians or vegans, information has been gathered from winemakers. brewers, distillers, soft drink manufacturers and supermarkets by us. It has been known for makers to use finings to rescue batches which are overly cloudy, If in doubt, check yourself. We will, however, keep checking the information listed here is up to date, and correct to the best of our knowledge as we use it ourselves. Please get in touch if you believe any information listed here is incorrect.